Why You Should Start A Blog If You Don’t Already Have One?

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Over the years I have embraced Reading as a religion. One day, I came across a novel with really bad grammar but I found myself reading the book and correcting the grammar. I thought, if people with such bad grammar can gather up the courage to write, I, too, can try my hand at writing. So, I started writing more notes and assignments and articles for my school work. But, never, in all these years did I think about blogging. Not until I happened to come across a Fashion Blog by a girl hardly a year older to me. And her popularity (since she started blogging) shocked me and it also encouraged me to try Blogging. Now, I recommend all my friends to start blogging.

We come across hundreds of articles on how people should blog to gain popularity, earn money or become an expert. But, I, came to a personal realisation that writing changes people overtime. Portraying the emotions, feelings and thoughts on paper help people think deeper and better. Blogging can have an impact on our lives in numerous ways.

1. Become a Better Writer

The old adage says “Practice makes a man perfect”. Similarly, writing, like maths, needs practice. The more a person writes, better the writing content gets. Writing is a form of communication and nobody likes bad communication. Eventually, writing/blogging will help improve writing which will further help with any presentation, formal letters, resumes, etc.

2. Thinking Better

The process of writing’/ blogging is therapeutically suggested and writing involves putting and articulating thoughts in an attractive form. This process requires deep thinking and every blogger stops all work at a certain time and thinks deeper into the affairs of life and the world.

3. A Life Full of Good Intentions

Eventually, writing will make a person aware of the changes taking place in him, the life he leads, etc. Overtime, writing will show the developments and changes taking place in a person and that is a reason good enough to start.

4. Meaningful Outlook Towards Life

Blogging is a time taking process. However, a person does not necessarily have to blog about every moment, every incident. It is choosing to articulate the most important events. This process helps a person develop an understanding towards the more meaningful things. Even in the normal course of life a blogger will find a meaning to the mundane life.

5. Healthier Life Pattern

Blogging requires time, discipline and commitment. Once a person starts blogging, these things just happen automatically and eventually, lead to healthier life habits( all the more reason to start blogging right away! ).

6. Earn Money on the Side

Whether it is earning 10 dollars a year or more, it is important to write than to earn money. But, yes, it definitely is an icing on the cake, if there is an opportunity to earn money by doing something that we like doing (in this context- writing). Above all, a person can gain popularity and confidence by blogging as the blogs will be seen by many. So, my personal recommendation would be to notice the surroundings observantly pick up your pens and start writing.

So there you go, 6 reasons why you should start a blog! I could probably give you a 100 more reasons but I think you get the drift. If you need any help in setting up your blog, we urge you to contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

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