5 Reasons You Should Guest Blog If You Don’t Already

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Social media and Blogs are a great way of putting across your opinions, promoting your business, or just plain – spreading knowledge. However, the number of readers one can reach often tends to be restricted to a person’s immediate social circle. This is where Guest Blogging comes into the picture. It removes all barriers and allows you to explore the world beyond your social set-up in order to achieve your objective.

So what exactly is guest blogging?

In layman’s language, a guest blogger is someone who agrees to voluntarily contribute and publish articles on other existing blogs/websites free of charge. The driving force behind this concept is the constant need for ‘rich content’ in the ever-expanding virtual world. Irrespective of whether you blog for professional reasons or for personal gratification, everyone likes their website to boast updated, fresh, and quality content. Therefore, guest posts are always in demand.

Why guest blog?

Now you may wonder why spend productive hours working for free? Well, I will give you not one, but five reasons why you should guest blog, if you don’t already.

1. Directing Traffic To Your Website/Blog

While money may not change hands, it goes without saying that your blog/work link will be attached in the author’s bio section of the published article. It is an unsaid prerequisite or arrangement between the host and guest blogger. This helps to direct quality traffic to your website. If your work strikes a chord with readers, chances are they will visit your blog to read more of it. It is a great way spam-free way to promote and publicize your blog/business.

2. Getting The Right Audience

You can choose your audience in case of guest blogging. For instance, if you write about music, there is a high possibility that not all the people in your circle are interested in reading on it. But if you guest blog for someone who specifically deals with your area of interest and has an existing audience for it, then with one quality guest post you can grab enough attention to acquire new followers. You get to speak with the right audience and target the right market. As a result, your subscriber list may also shoot up!

3. Widening Your Network

Guest blogging enables you to interact with people across the world and exchange ideas, strategies, feedback, views, and news. Many may return the favor by guest blogging on your website or you may receive similar invites from other readers. Moreover, companies are always on a hunt for someone talented who has fresh ideas and hence, keep a tab on social media and blogging circuit for the same. So, who knows, if your article clicks with the readers, you may also land up a great new job!

4. Improving Quality And Building Credibility

The more you write, the better you get at it. In addition, bloggers don’t accept guest posts of poor quality. Therefore, if you have more guest posts under your belt, it will work in your favour in terms of building credibility and brand. It will also help you to build an impressive work portfolio that can be used to pitch for future jobs and freelance work assignments.

5. SEO Approved

If SEO experts are to be believed, guest blogs act as a great tool to increase your ranking in search engines. As a result of quality backlinks being redirected to your website, the ranking climbs up, which is good news by all means.

As the great Khalil Gibran beautifully put it, ‘If it were not for guests, all houses would be graves.’ The same idea metaphorically applies to the blogging world. Guest bloggers add a distinct value to the writing platform and are always warmly welcomed provided it works well for both, the host and the guest. Hosts either invite guest bloggers to write for them or can be approached by a potential guest blogger. If you are confident about your writing and feel you have something valuable to share, try guest blogging. It may just work wonders.

If you need any help with your guest blogging efforts, or if you are unable to land a guest post after repeated attempts, we suggest you contact us and tell us about the problems you are facing. We will be happy to help! youfacing

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